Thesis/Dissertation Proposal

Have you ever written a thesis or dissertation proposal? It is not as difficult as it seems if you are lucky.

Yes, you read that correctly, if you are lucky, your dissertation or thesis proposal will get through the first time and you may get started.

If you are unlucky, your thesis/dissertation proposal may be a painful experience on a road that leads you towards a poor scoring dissertation/thesis.

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How You Should View the Situation

Our writers think of the proposal process a little like planning a route when driving. Pick a good place, plan a good route, avoid traffic, get there on time without delays, and get there safely. The dissertation/thesis proposal process is the same. If you pick a poor quality proposal idea, if you do it incorrectly, you could make life very difficult for yourself when writing your dissertation. You may hit roadblocks, you may turn it in late, and you may generate a topic or theme that simply doesn't score highly.

You Do Not Need Fireworks

Our writers tell anecdotes to the many students that ask about dissertation and thesis proposals. Students imagine that they need new and groundbreaking topics. They imagine that they need to push the envelope and reengineer a few processes, but that is simply not the case. Our writers tell of research proposals around the migration of slugs and how it is affected by urbanization and garden fences. It wasn't an exciting proposal, and the dissertation itself was boring, but it scored top marks.

We Can Guarantee Acceptance

How do we do it? Firstly, we do it by having qualified professionals write your thesis/dissertation proposals for you, which puts you ahead of the game to start with. Secondly, we guarantee acceptance because if your professor rejects the proposal, we will amend it for free.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, which means if your proposal is rejected, we will fix it until it is perfect. Unless there is an element you failed to tell us about in your project brief, we will fix the proposal until it is accepted. Get your very own thesis/dissertation proposal as per whatever deadline you set, and enjoy our guaranteed acceptance promise.