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Why have us write a movie review? You can watch a movie and write about it right? Yes, it is true that most people can review a movie because it is mostly about opinion, but you have to consider the focus of your opinion. On a basic level, if you thought it was good, you could say so, but do you know what makes a movie good?

Examples of Deeper Thinking

Movie reviewing takes a fair amount of technical knowledge and the ability to look deeper into a movie to see its intrinsic qualities and flaws. Our writers are able to do that, and they are able to apply a cultural insight.

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In the movie Spiderman 1 by Sam Raimi, one of our writers wrote a movie review that was praised across the board. He pointed out the link between 911 and North America's need for a superhero. He pointed out numerous examples, including a scene where New Yorkers help Spiderman and say, You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Our reviewer even linked this to a shadowed scene in the second Spiderman movie where the New Yorkers catch stand up for Spiderman on the New York train.

Examples of Strong Technical Expertise

Our writers are not Rotten Tomatoes writers with one finger on their keyboard and one finger up their nose. They are not praising the technical aspects of a movie because it looks pretty (as the dullards did for the Prometheus movie on Rotten Tomatoes). Our writers look at the technical side with a strong understanding of the concepts that underlie them.

One of our reviewers was published internationally in the mainstream media for his dissection of the technical elements of the movie Amityville II: The Possession (1982). He commented on everything from the blue tinge to the lighting in certain scenes, to the flat notes within the haunting soundtrack. He even pointed out how the camera angles were indicative of where the evil lie within the house, almost as if we were the demon watching the characters. He even linked the technique as stolen from the movie Evil Dead, which was released the year before.

Need More Proof of Our Expertise?

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