Introduction Chapter

Your introduction chapter is important because it sets the tone for the rest of your dissertation. It also sets up your professor's expectations, and our writers will attest to the fact that "managing" the professor that is marking your work is all part of scoring highly.

How Does an Introduction Chapter Manage a Professor?

You have to treat a professor a little like a young child. You cannot trust them to "see" the intrinsic value of your dissertation, and you cannot trust them to use good judgment. You need to lead them by the hand, and the process starts right from the beginning with your introduction chapter.

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Set up your professor's expectations by introducing your work and giving a brief idea of what it is all about. The quality of your introduction needs to go above and beyond the call of duty. It needs to look as if it were written by a genius because it will alter the way your professor thinks about your work. If it is rushed, your professor will assume your dissertation is rushed. If it has poor grammar, then your professor will assume your dissertation has poor grammar'and so on.

Making the Most of Your Introduction

We suggest that you use both our services and your own judgment when creating your introduction chapter. This means you should read over what we have written and try to change and edit it to fit your own ideas and your own writing style. Make the most of your introduction by adding your own flavor to it.

Our writers can produce top quality content and they can do it quickly. We can write your introduction chapter before you have written your dissertation or we can write it afterwards. If you want us to write an introduction chapter to the dissertation you have written yourself, then you will need to submit your dissertation to us so that our writer is able to read it over first.

Our service offers free quotes and we do not hide charges. Obviously, our service is confidential, and you can choose the price you pay. We always hit our deadlines and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order today and take advantage of one of our excellent discounts.