An abstract is supposed to be lifted from your dissertation and placed right before the dissertation begins. It gives the reader an insight into what your dissertation is all about; it gives an insight into the style, and the type of content being presented. In other words, it is a little like a movie trailer that doesn't give away too much before you see the movie.

The Difference an Abstract Makes

When your dissertation is being graded, the abstract counts towards the overall score. Pick any old part of your dissertation and your abstract will score poorly. Pick a good part, and your abstract will score well, contributing to a better overall grade.

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Here Is How You Do It

Do not pull a piece from your dissertation and use it as an abstract. Instead, write your dissertation, and then write an abstract and slot it into your dissertation in an appropriate place. You can write an abstract with full knowledge of what your dissertation is about. As a consequence, you can create a high scoring abstract that ticks all the boxes in your professor's marking guide. It can describe the type of dissertation and the content, and it can show the readers your style and written quality. Adding the paragraph into your dissertation shouldn't be too difficult too.

What Can We Do?

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