Personal Statement

Over time, you would be able to build a better and better personal statement. You may have noticed that your first attempts at a personal statement were terrible. Nobody knows why a student's first attempts are so awful, and the worst thing is that most students do not know how bad it is until they read it two weeks later.

It is like when you are on camera and you think sound great, but then when you hear your voice, you notice you sound very different. Over an extended period of time, you are able to come back to your personal statement again and again and keep improving it until it is perfect.

The Key to A Perfect Personal Statement

As we say, the key to writing "YOUR" perfect personal statement is to keep coming back to it every two weeks and improving it. As a side note, we also advise that you do this for your CV.

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The only problem is that few students have such an extended period of time to write their personal statement. Many students send in their first attempt, and that is why many students fail miserably.

Take a look at college and scholarship statistics, and you will see rates of between 20% to 60% of people accepted. That means that some institutions are denying up to 80% of their applicants, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the people in the 80% are the ones submitting their first personal statement draft.

How Do YOU Become Part of The 20%?

There are two options. You can spend weeks and weeks writing your personal statement, or you can use our writing service and have one of our professional writers create your personal statement for you. Our writers have honed their personal statement writing skills to a fine point. They can create stellar personal statements without having to spend weeks and weeks perfecting it. They are not emotionally invested in the personal statement, so they can objectively create a perfect one on their first attempt. Leave it to the professionals if you do not have weeks and weeks to work on your personal statement.